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Mark R. Iverson is an attorney specializing in adoption. A 1985 graduate of Gonzaga University School of Law, Mr. Iverson is married and has three adopted children. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys a national association of attorneys who practice or have distinguished themselves in the field of adoption. Mr. Iverson is licensed to practice in the states of Washington and Idaho, providing legal services for adoptive families in the following areas:  Step Parent Adoption; Private Adoption; International Adoption; Agency Adoption; Adult Adoption; Foster Care Adoption; Second Parent Adoption.

In addition, Mr. Iverson and Ms. Felice also handle guardianship matters.

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Posted: Jun 30, 2015

My family is my husband Richard, my junior high boyfriend with whom I reconnected with online about 8+ years ago. He works out at Easter State Hospital as a Mental Health Technician. My step-son Wyatt, who just turned 13 is an animal whisperer (much like his father), my twin boys Anthony and Trevor, both 12 (and ½), have both been selected for an award from the principal that also

 gives them each a week at Camp Reed! Last but not least, I am Heather, bio-daughter of former foster-adopt parents of kids with behavioral disorders. I currently work full-time as a caregiver with the remaining children in my parent’s home. I also go to college at SFCC and start at Eastern in the fall. We also have a yellow lab, Daisy, and a chocolate lab, Moose, that are my babies!


I was a single mother until Richard and I decided to move beyond our friendship. I had no child support, no father figure for Anthony and Trevor. I was lucky to have family and friends that are supportive, but it was hard to be on my own. Richard has been the only father the boys have known. He has been such a huge influence on Anthony and Trevor and I credit him in a large part with the hard workers they are becoming. It was Richard who wanted the boys to make the decision about being adopted. He wanted them to be his own children legally, but the boys had to want it too. We realize that we were already a family, but this severed ties to the past and strengthened the bonds of the family. Besides that, Anthony and Trevor had often asked when they were going to be adopted after attending so many adoptions for my parents’ children!


Adoption is amazing and you need to be patient and trust in the process. Our adoption was a step-parent adoption, and it could have been a lot harder and more expensive than it was. I am thankful that it went as smoothly as it did, and am happy that I chose Mark Iverson’s office. The staff was so helpful and friendly! Enjoy your court date, invite family and friends, and take pictures with the judge. Celebrate making it through the adoption!!


Mark had been the adoption lawyer for many of my parents’ 16 adopted children, so I was familiar with him and he was highly recommended. Mark is wonderful, patient, calm, and explained everything really well upfront. The staff in the office is so polite and helpful and they made this a pretty painless experience. I was extremely happy with the whole experience!


Adoption has enriched our lives in so many ways.  The adoption really brought the family closer together. Anthony and Trevor both now have the same last name as the rest of the family, which made them feel more a part of the family. We were already a family unit, but there is less stress for Richard and me knowing that everything is legal for anything that the future throws at us!

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