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Attorney Mark R. Iverson and Attorney Jodi M. Felice

Mark R. Iverson is an attorney specializing in adoption. A 1985 graduate of Gonzaga University School of Law, Mr. Iverson is married and has three adopted children. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys a national association of attorneys who practice or have distinguished themselves in the field of adoption. Mr. Iverson is licensed to practice in the states of Washington and Idaho, providing legal services for adoptive families in the following areas:  Step Parent Adoption; Private Adoption; International Adoption; Agency Adoption; Adult Adoption; Foster Care Adoption; Second Parent Adoption.

In addition, Mr. Iverson and Ms. Felice also handle guardianship matters.

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Adoption of the Month- January 2016

Posted: Feb 5, 2016

25 years ago, my husband Barry and I looked at each other and said, “Now what?”  I had given birth to 3 beautiful kids.  Raising kids is so EASY!   Couldn’t we just adopt one?   A favorite uncle of mine liked to remind me about my dream I had as a young girl.  I wanted to run an orphanage.  Well, we didn’t literally start an orphanage but my dream certainly was realized. 

In our early years in working with the state, we thought that when they placed one child with us, that was that!  They chuckled and said…”Yes, that’s nice and all, but could you perhaps take in a foster child or two while waiting for the adoption of your baby?” More often than not, these little ones would stay….and stay.  They’d become part of our family within a short time and when we were asked if we could possibly keep them; more often than not, we’d say of COURSE!  And that was the beginning of our grand adventure! 

So…all these years and 11 adopted children later, we were thinking WOW, this is IT!  We’ve arrived and we’re closing this chapter of our lives.  All of our kids who came years back, are grown and doing very well.  We’re so proud of them!  With only 5 still left at home, we were still very busy which is what we love.

The Social Worker of the two foster children we have, had other ideas though.  She’d been hinting about a little boy for several months.  She worked on us for a while, telling us how William would fit into our home so nicely.  And he HAS!  William who is 8 years old has been with us for a year now and loves being a part of the Officer clan.   He loves to do everything our family enjoys; from boating, fishing, hiking, camping, traveling.  He loves living in the country, making forts, riding bikes, helping the bigger boys with chores. 

We’re so grateful to Mark Iverson and his staff for his part in finalizing the adoption of our last 8 children since 2004.  After the many months, and sometimes years of waiting for permanency, the adoption paperwork is a breeze and a wonderful exclamation mark for the future.  We want to thank Mr. Iverson for his friendly legal help in adding just one more little person into our family


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