Adoption of the Month July 2016

In May of 2016, after 15 years of marriage, we were able to bring home a baby that was ours. A baby that didn’t get handed “back to mom” when she needed a diaper change, or passed “back to dad” to be comforted when fussy. We were now “mom and dad”. We were now the comforters, the care givers, the providers. We were parents. A role that we had come to accept might not ever be a reality for us.

Our adoption story is truly a miracle, and I appreciate that the simple beauty of our situation is not necessarily “normal”. We were chosen to be parents by our birth mother 8 months before our daughter was born. We were invited to walk her pregnancy every step of the way with her; having her over for dinners, going to doctor’s appointments, hearing our daughter’s heart beat and seeing ultrasounds. When her due date arrived, we were invited to be in the room every minute and were even granted the privileges of the first touch and the cutting of the umbilical cord.  There are amazing women in this world and birth mothers that make such an incredibly brave, loving choice, are some of them.

Mark Iverson’s office was a key piece of our adoption story. We contacted Mr. Iverson immediately and he walked those 8 months with us. Coming from a past of failed fertility treatments and disappointment, I appreciated Mark’s honesty, integrity, and compassionately delivered frankness from the very beginning.  I could always get in touch with him personally, and if he happened to be in court when I called, he always called me back the same day. He coached us on specific situations, but also called just to check in and see how we were doing. He was patient with my questions and even offered his cell phone number when the due date came closer so we could text him with the news of the baby’s arrival after hours.  Our adoption day was simple and easy. We felt like the whole office was celebrating with us and knowing that every “I” had been dotted and every “t” crossed with exactness gave us total comfort to just feel the joy of the day.

Adoption is a beautiful thing.  As highly as I would recommend adoption to any prospective parents, I would recommend Mark just the same.  To have a daughter that feels hand selected just for us, especially when children have always felt just out of reach, is truly a miracle.