Adoption of the Month August 2016

On September 6th of 2012 a beautiful hearing impaired fourteen year old young lady with one blue eye and one brown eye came to live with me and my three children as a foster child. Soon after she moved in with us we fell in love with her.  Our journey began.   We knew Rosetta would be a part of our family.   In 2012, I started another journey with a man in my life who became my husband.  My husband grew very fond of my daughter. When I asked him if he wanted to be her daddy he was thrilled. Rosetta plays basketball, volleyball, and cheers.  She has transformed from a shy scared young lady into a very spirited loving young lady. Rosetta has taught us patience and understanding.  Our entire family is learning to talk to Rosetta through sign language. Rosetta has grown so much. She now knows for the first time in her life what it means to have a family.  And Rosetta completes our family.  Her personality is so beautiful her smile is one that you will never forget.  Mark Iverson stood by our side and fought every step of the way for us. A truly amazing group of people helped us and believed in us. On July 29th 2016, we celebrated our daughter’s adoption.  We now love and cherish her as our legal daughter.