Adoption of the Month February 2017

Our adoption story is a little different than typical adoptions. When we decided to have Phil adopt Olivia, many of our friends were confused since he was already her step-father. Phil and I have been together for almost all of Olivia’s life (5 out of the 6 years). Phil had naturally assumed the father role many years ago, but that final piece was missing, so we decided to make their relationship “official”. The only thing that made their relationship different was that Olivia and Phil did not have the same last name. We chose to have Phil legally adopt Olivia to make their already known relationship official. Phil wanted Olivia to know that she was a daughter to him in every sense of the word.

Olivia is a kind, tender-hearted first grader. She loves to ride her bike and play with her dog, Zeno. Life after adoption has been amazing. The reality of the adoption set in when all of our plane tickets had the same last name, something so little was such a great moment for our family. Often Olivia was confused why her last name was different and now with the adoption, our family has a greater sense of unity under one last name.

The adoption process was very smooth and quick thanks to Mark Iverson and his staff. We first contacted them at the end of August for a step-parent adoption. Mark Iverson and his staff were so efficient our adoption was official less than four months later. Mark Iverson and his staff were extremely personable and professional. They would always respond within a couple of hours to our phone calls and emails. This law office is extremely well ran and productive. Additionally, they eased all of our concerns and helped guide us through this process. I would definitely recommend Mark Iverson and his staff to anyone looking for a top-notch adoption attorney.