Adoption of the Month January 2017

My husband and I became foster parents in 2015,"just to foster one child at a time." I have two wonderful and caring step boys, aged 14 and 10, now. We received a call in August, asking if we would we would be interested in taking in a little boy with very special needs; my husband and I are both nurses, at the time me in psychiatry and he in pediatrics. We visited him, who we will call big guy, at his local placement, which happened to be a group home. We prayed about it and  Big guy came to us in August 2015; he didn't speak, make eye contact, or communicate in any other way other than biting, kicking, scratching, or screaming. Upon acceptance of big guy, we learned he had a little brother, little j. Big guy really grew in our hearts, as he challenged us as a family and changed us forever, while making huge strides developmentally. We knew, even if he left us, we would never be the same. You see, over the time we had big guy, we developed a relationship with the biological family. Bio sister and bio dad actually began coming to church with us every week. In January of 2016, we received a called that little j was going to be moved for the 4th time in less than 6 months. Our hearts broke for that little boy; we expanded our license and took him in. These boys became a part of our family; now a family with 4 boys! March 2016, the bio-dad of these two little guys stood up in court and said he would be honored for our family to adopt his children. November 14th, God granted us the blessing to adopt big guy and little j!! At present, big guy is talking, making eye contact, and has made such great gains behaviorally he is able to participate in most age appropriate activities. Big guy and little j couldn't imagine living life without each other, and we couldn't imagine life without them either!

When we first heard our case was going to adoptions we were so excited. However, as first time foster parents, let alone now heading toward adoption, we had no idea what was next or what the process looked like....we did some asking around, both professional and personal. Unanimously we were directed to Mark Iverson to represent us through this process. So that's what we did, called their office and Christine, paralegal, assisted us with much of the legwork while being overseen by Mark. When the time came to meet with Mark for review, he was so kind and patient with us, while also personable as he shared with us his story. On adoption day he took care of everything; during the hearing he was able to recount our whole story and share in the happiness of the day with us from start to finish. As he was recommended to us, we will continue recommending him to others! Thank you Mark Iverson and team!