Adoption of the Month June 2016

Les and I met approximately 7 years ago, I had 2 grown children of my own and was looking forward to retiring from the medical field and starting my own business. Les had never been married and had no children, we were married in September of 2013. In July of 2014 our lives changed dramatically, we were contacted by CPS as a possible placement for my granddaughter and her sister. My son was out of the state and unable to return so we took both girls. Peyton was 5 and Elycia was 18 months.
After almost 2 years the birthparents relinquished their rights and we were finally able to adopt these beautiful little girls!
We contacted Mark Iverson early in the process he came very highly recommend and went above and beyond in our eyes to help us though a few stressful situations. He was always available to answer any and all questions we had. We feel incredibly blessed to have had him in our corner!
I have closed my cake business and Les has retired from the construction field to care for these precious girls. Our life now consists of girl scouts, ballet, tea parties and dress up. We wouldn't change a thing! God has truly blessed us!