Adoption of the Month November 2016

Maya and I had been in a tough situation with her birth father. Shortly after he left Maya and I started to rebuild our lives. In this process came along Sam and he helped piece together everything by not only being a great role model but also being a patient individual that helped us overcome the emotional stress of our difficult situation. Sam has been there for Maya when her birth father wasn’t. He has given her the attention and guidance every child needs from a father. Through very careful thought and consideration Sam and I agreed that Maya’s progress was due to the great environment she has been raised in and we both agreed that her happiness is our happiness. Maya has turned into a very happy and confident child. She makes friends easily and she is a great helper at daycare. She loves to sing and talk about the new adventures each day brings her.

The adoption process was not as bad as we expected. Both Mr. Iverson and the home study provider were very clear about how the process was going to be. Both Sam and I have peace of mind knowing that Maya is happy and developing like any child should be. As a family we are amazed at the support we are getting from both our friends and family. Maya is growing quickly and enjoys meeting more of her new family.

Mark Iverson made the process smooth. He was very reassuring and his experience is easily seen by how he went through the whole adoption process. I was very upset with the birthfather since he made the situation difficult prior to the adoption but Mr. Iverson and Stephanie provided great guidance and patience in the situation which made the experience even better. I would highly recommend both Mr. Iverson and Stephanie. It is not easy to deal with individuals that are under emotional distress but seeing their empathy and swift action shows that there are people who not only are they good at their job but they also take pride in their line of work.