Adoption of the Month October 2016

It’s been eleven years since we decided to expand our family. We went through a number of fertility specialists in different states and countries. This was especially difficult considering the military told us when and where to move; we had to start the whole process over a few times. Our journey detoured a couple times to take care of nieces and nephews only to reunite them with their parents. Our adoption journey began in 2013. We picked an agency, did the training and were certified and then we heard nothing. We were considering foster care when a move derailed our plans again. We had come to a point where we thought we needed to accept the reality of being the eternal aunt and uncle. By the time we were settled in and arranged for our file to be updated in Washington we got a phone call that changed our lives.

I don’t really think we chose adoption, the more I think about it I believe adoption chose us. Our adoption journey officially began in 2013, but it really began in 2008 when we took in two of the most beautiful kids. We had them for three years and when they finally drove away… well, that was an indescribable heartbreak. That heartbreak was the hurdle we had to get over to finally sign up for adoption. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to adoption and it took a long time for that fog to clear, but when it did we knew that adoption was the right choice.

Our baby boy is so amazing. He is a constant surprise. He has this illuminating smile and big inquisitive eyes. He is a morning person and when he wakes up he just laughs and talks. He is always looking around and you can just tell that his mind is going. He loves being outdoors and music with a good beat; rock mostly.

Life after having our son home and his “irrevocable” day (that was the word the judge said that stood out to us, so that’s what our day is called) is perfection; exhausting, exhilarating, frustrating, uplifting, scary, peaceful perfection! Every day we love this boy more than the day before and every day we swear it’s impossible to love him any more. 

Our adoption process was slightly a blur. We had to deal with Indiana as well as Washington State and quite frankly we were rather detached for a long time because we still were not optimistic that it would all go through. We had been burned before and we went through this process very guarded. We appreciate everything Mark Iverson and his staff did for us. Mark knows what he’s doing, he doesn’t hesitate to do it and he will not lead you astray. Mark told us how things were going to go and he didn’t sugar coat anything, but he was there through it all! He made this process so much easier on us so that we could concentrate on the emotional aspect of it all. It seemed like Mark understood how we wanted to deal with all of it and he took care of what he could to allow us to do so. Thank you Mark and all your staff for the wonderful job and tireless support! I would absolutely recommend Mark Iverson and his staff!