Adoption of the Month September 2016

Jairus and I were married in 2006 and wanted to have children right away. It never happened. We lost hope to have children of our own.  We started talking about foster care but the time never seemed right.  We were open to adoption, but never thought we would ever get a baby.  We got a phone call from our sister in law she heard about a birthmother that wanted to place her baby for adoption and she passed our number to the birth mom.  I got a call the next day, she wanted to meet us.  We set up a date for a week later.  We met with the birth mom (we were so scared) but she liked us and wanted us to have her baby....ekkkk....We walked out of the home and couldn't even talk we were so excited but we needed help and quickly...We prayed.  We looked on the internet for an adoption lawyer in Spokane and called the first lawyer it said. MARK IVERSON, Our answer to our prayer.  He immediately started on paperwork and gave us the name of a social worker Barbara, to get our homestudy done. A week later I got a call on Sunday night that the birth mom had gone into early labor and we needed to get to OHSU in Portland.  It happened so fast.  I got to be in the room with the birth mom. I was the first person to hold our son, OUR SON.  A little baby all our own.  24 hours later we left the hospital with our baby.  It was so exciting and nerve wracking to be driving this little baby home, to our home, we didn't have to give him back, we weren't babysitting, and this was real.  We were a family.  Then our court date was set for Aug. 5th, 2016.  Mark never left our side.  He was truly our answer to prayer.  The paralegal at his office (Christine) answered every question you could think of, and was so helpful.  I would and have recommend this office and this team to anyone and everyone.  It took one phone call to get them working for us and working very diligently.  We did so much paperwork over the phone, and around our work schedules.  It was truly an amazing experience. From the time we heard about the baby til the adoption wasn't a full two months.  We have an amazing family..... Thank you Mark for all your hard work we wouldn't be here without your expertise and wonderful help and kindness.