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Brandon and Victor

We have been preparing to write this letter to you for years. Finally, on this 4th of July holiday, surrounded by family, friends and lots of little cousins waiting anxiously to include our long-awaited child, we couldn’t be more thankful for this precious gift you are choosing to bring into our lives. Thank you.

Above all else we’ll share with you in this letter, we want you to know that you and your child are loved and welcomed by many, your place as a mother is respected, and that our lives are forever committed to your child’s success. Our home is warmed by love, planned with care, protected with confidence, and fueled by life’s joy. Our hope is for your comfort in knowing you are making the right choice.

We have been together as a couple for over 8 years, and married for nearly 6 of them. Growing our family through adoption has been a foundational goal in our relationship from the beginning. We strongly value the traditions and history created by the life-long bonds of a family, which is why we have set out on this journey to create our own.

Most importantly, however, we’ve learned to manage (and learn from) the unexpected challenges life throws at each of us from time to time. Listening, understanding, learning, forgiving and loving have been our go-to recipe when things don’t always go as planned. This is what we’ll instill in your child’s life so they are prepared when the time comes when they must face life’s challenges.

As you try to imagine your child’s life in our care, prepare yourself for a lot of smiles, laughter, and goals. As parents, we’ll be a strong team with the basics covered because we are opposites. Victor is an introvert. He is patient, creative, athletic, detail-oriented, laid back and hilarious. Brandon is an extrovert. He is a planner, very goal-oriented, curious about all things, and eager to succeed. Together we enjoy time with our friends and family, caring for our home and yard, playing with our sweet dog, “Fancy,” and celebrating anything for any reason.

With your blessing, we look forward to cuddling, playing, learning, practicing, exploring, traveling and so much more, as a family. And while we are just getting started, we are already looking down the road at expanding our family to include a sibling -- another loved one with whom your child will share a life-long family bond.


Chris and Marni

Our names are Chris, Marni, and Mattea.  We are an adventurous family of three .  We have so much admiration for your courage and strength on this journey.  We have an open adoption with our daughter, Mattea’s, birthmother and birthfamily, and we consider them to be a great blessing in our lives.  

We are a very active family, and we enjoy spending time outside.   We love dirt roads, rugged mountain trails, tranquil mountain lakes, and fresh Montana powder.   We took our daughter to hike her first mountain when she was only four weeks old. We strongly believe in taking our children with us on our grandest adventures.   These adventures include skiing, biking, hiking, sledding, hunting, boating, fishing, and camping.

We live on five acres backed up to forest service, so we can hike and bike right out our back door.   We often see bear, elk, and deer out of our living room picture window. Our house has four bedrooms, but the living room is our favorite place to spend time as a family.  We enjoy family game nights on Friday with pizza and a movie. Marni’s parents live just down the road from us on the lake. We enjoy late summer night boat rides and playing at the dock till the sun sets during Montana’s hot summer months.

Our daughter, Mattea, is three and she enjoys dressing in princess dresses one minute and rolling in the mud the next.  She loves all things Disney; her favorite princess is Merida from Brave because she rides horses and shoots arrows. She loves to watch the babies at church sleep, and she will often go up to them and reach out to take their pinky finger in hers.


 Eric and Brandi.  

Eric is a registered nurse and works in the operating room.  He finds his job so rewarding and loves to help people, which makes him a favorite among his patients.   Eric recently went on a volunteer mission trip to the Marshall Islands and found it to be a humbling experience and plans to go back as much as he can to help those in need.  He is a very caring individual and a great role model.  Brandi works part-time as a real estate assistant.  She even has the ability to work from home a lot of the time, which gives her the flexibility to always be there for their children.  She is funny and outgoing and loves being a mom more than anything.   Brandi and Eric have both volunteered at the schools over the years, chaperoning field trips, helping out at special events, and Eric was the head golf coach for a couple of years at the local academy.

 We have 4 amazing boys, who we are so incredibly proud of.  The 3 oldest boys are grown and on their own now.  They are such kind hearted, fun, and loving young men.  They all live close by, so we see them quite often during the week, but we make a point to get together once a week to have a big family dinner where everyone can catch up.  It has been our dream for many years to have a little girl and we are hoping to fulfill this dream through adoption.  Our youngest, Chance, can’t wait to be a big brother.  He is so kind and patient with all the little ones we have around us.   We love spending time together as a family, whether it be going to the mountains to camp or hike, going to the river to go fishing, we just love to be together.  We have a special place in our heart for animals too, so there are some very spoiled dogs and cats in our large 4 bedroom house, as well as a couple of bunnies.

We have quite an extended family who are so very excited to have a new little one joining us.  Besides having a mom and dad and 4 big brothers to shower her with love and attention, our child will know love from great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and a whole bunch of cousins which include 2 little girls who are both a year old, so playmates will always be close by.

Thank you for considering us in your search to find the right family for you. 



George and Eric

We are George and Eric and this is our daughter Maribella on one of our annual family vacations. We have been together for 23 years. Six years ago, we had the great honor of adopting our daughter. She came to live with us when she was only 3 weeks old. On her 6th birthday this last September, she told us she

was ready to be a big sister. We want to grow our family but were waiting for her to be ready and now she is.

Our Promise to You: Your child will have and know unconditional love. They will be raised in an inclusive household surrounded and supported by family and friends. They will find their passions in life. They will be encouraged to dream big and live life to the fullest. They will know where they come from. They will know the love you give them and they will know their story.

We are open to any gender, any ethnicity, and even multiple births such as twins or even triplets. One of the benefits your child will have is a stay at home parent. We are CPR/First Aid certified, home study approved, FBI background checked, and extensively trained as former foster parents.

You can also check out our family website where you can read our letter to you, see more about us, and look at our home

We send you best wishes and much love and support. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.



Spencer and Hilary

Hello! We are Spencer and Hilary and we are on our journey to the adoption of our first child. We both want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us and see if we are a good fit for you and your child. 

We have been married for 8 years this July and together for 10. We started dating while we were in high school. Spencer says he knew from our first date that he was going to marry Hilary. Turns out he was right! We ended up getting married before Hilary started her second year of college getting her degree in Dental Hygiene. 

We live in Eastern Washington State on 3 acres of property with our dog Whitley and a bunch of chickens. Our home is a 1920’s Farm house that needed a lot of work, which we have completed ourselves and now are enjoying all of our hard work restoring it. It sure helped that Spencer is a finish carpenter and extremely handy. He loves building all kinds of things, and fixing just about anything he gets his hands on. Spencer also loves working in the yard and golfing with his brother and Hilary’s Dad.  Together we love the outdoors and camping and spending time with our family. Spencer has 4 siblings who all live within an hour of us and Hilary has one sister she is very close to. Our extended family is a large part of our lives and we spend a lot of our free time doing activities together. 

Any child we welcome into our home will be surrounded by so much love and support by all of the people in our lives. We will not let a day go by where our child would not know exactly how cherished they are to us. We hope to expose our child to all kinds of cultures and to travel together and see different parts of the world. It is our dream to visit Italy and Rome in the near future. 

We so appreciate you spending the time reading a little bit about us and our lives. For more of a glimpse take a look at our facebook profile at:


Kevin and Lena ​

Hello! We are Kevin and Lena Gilbert from Othello, Washington. We have been married for almost 12 years and enjoying living near plenty of family.  We have always hoped to use adoption to expand our family.

We have been blessed with four beautiful children whom we love and adore. After the birth of our last child three years ago, we both couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was missing.  Which is weird when you already have four, right?!  I had some difficult pregnancies which did not make another one an option so we have turned to adoption.  We know there is someone out there that belongs here and that will love having a big family full of noise and adventure.

Kevin works on the family dairy and processing plant with his brothers and dad where they bottle and sell milk and other dairy products.  There is also a family farm that is full of tractors, hay bales, and lots of manure.  Our kids love feeding the cows out there and playing with all the farm cats. It has been a great place to raise our family.

Lena works a few days a month at our local hospital as a registered nurse.  She primarily stays at home with the children but picks up a few shifts here and there.  She particularly loves labor and delivery nursing and helping families adjust to new babies.  She spends most days shuttling children to piano lessons and keeping everyone’s routines running smoothly.

Isak, (10), loves reading, Minecraft, legos, and board games. He is a great big brother and happens to LOVE babies. Lucy, (8), is our outgoing, friendly girl who likes to draw, play the piano, and sing.  Edyn, (5), is our fiery daughter who keeps us on our toes. She loves all thing sea life, asking incessant questions, and science.  Quinn, (3), is our sweet boy who loves nerf darts and trucks.  He is ALL boy and loves to jump, run, and play in the dirt.

 We love being parents and having a big family and are so excited for another little one to join our family!



Adam and Christina

We are Adam and Christina  we have been married for 15 years. Adam is a stay-at-home dad to our two-year-old old son Isaac. Christina is a geologist who works on a large environmental clean-up project in the mountains. She loves hiking and just generally being outside. Adam makes furniture, is an avid movie-watcher, and brews beer during his spare time. As a family, we love enjoying our 10-acre property, going on vacations, and visiting family. Days on our property are full, and include playing on our ATV, splitting firewood, hunting, gardening, and building anything our heart desires in the woods. Isaac is included in everything we do. He has his own little garden tools and plot, he plows the driveway with Adam, and hikes the local trails with Christina. We love being parents and can’t wait to add another blessing to our family. Our goal is to provide a loving home for a child.

We cherish our open relationship with Isaac’s birthfamily. We see the benefits of it as he grows into a little person and becomes more self-aware. We hope that we can also enjoy an open relationship with our next child’s birth family if that is what they would like. Please know that if you place your child with us, you are joining a larger loving family, one that will love your child unconditionally.




Dylan and Cindy

Hi! We are Dylan and Cindy from beautiful Southern Oregon. We have been married for 12 years and have two wonderful boys Jonah (7) and Eli (2). We also have a small dog named Ducky. Ducky is a pug mix. We are hoping to expand our family of four to a family of five through the blessing of adoption.  

Dylan is administrator with a shipping/storage container business. He is funny, kind, and easy going. He enjoys golf, reading, and football. Cindy works from home as a medical insurance claims analyst. She is sweet, kind, dedicated to her family and a joy to be around. She enjoys cooking, reading, and playing with the boys.

As a family we enjoy hiking, grilling on the BBQ, attending local sporting events and most of all our extended family trips. Even though we live within miles of each other it is a nice break from our daily lives. 

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.  We do understand that adoption is truly a gift of love. We hope that you are able to get to know us better as a family and know that we would be honored to continue this journey with you







Vince and Lisa

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about our family. We  are thankful you would consider us for adoptive parents. We have been married for 14 years and have two children. We have a 13-year-old biological son and a 1 year adopted son. We lost our oldest son while he was serving in the Navy a year ago. He left behind a wonderful wife and baby daughter, who we remain in contact with.

Vince has an engineering degree and I have a bachelors in human services and a masters in education. Vince is an Engineer Supervisor here in Moses Lake, WA and I was a 5th grade teacher.  After we adopted our son, I decided to stay at home.

We are seeking to adopt another child because we love children and would like our youngest to have a sibling close to his age to grow up with. We both come from families with siblings close in ages and want our children to have that bond as well.

We want you to feel comfortable to ask any questions you may have and know that we will answer them honestly.  We have so much love to give your child and we look forward to our partnership.



Michael and Kim

We are grateful for the chance to introduce ourselves and share our hopes for the future.  Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

Michael is a software engineer and loves playing bass in the worship band at church.  Kim is a teacher at a children’s center and is going to school to get her teaching certification to become a Kindergarten teacher. We are both fun-loving and appreciate the smaller things in life. 

We have a 5-acre farm and enjoy caring for the animals that have become a part of our family! We have 3 dogs, Zoe, Maribel and Callie.  We have 2 cats, Smidge and Doobie. We have 2 horses, Lacy and Jaxson, and 5 goats, Ivy, Pedunkle, Rocky, Annie and baby Honey. 

We have adult children separately, but not living with us.  We agree that being a parent and raising a child is a gift and a blessing.  We would love to be parents together. Kim is adopted and so are her siblings.  Her mother is adopted as well.

We feel our hearts called to adopt and want to give a baby a great life.

We are committed to teaching our child by being examples of love and respect, forgiveness and hope, in a home filled with laughter, joy, generosity and gratitude.  We will love our child and support them through their achievements and through their struggles.  We will be there for them to lean on, while encouraging them as they grow their independence and confidence.

Please know we appreciate what an important decision adoption is and we thank you for making such a courageous and loving choice.  We look forward to talking with you and to the next step of this journey.

Love always,

Kim and Michael


Dave and Ellen

Thank you for taking the time to read this and find out a little bit about us.  We are Dave and Ellen and are honored that you may be considering us as a possible adoptive family for your child.  We live in Washington State and have been together for 18 years (married for 15) and are very excited by the possibility of welcoming another child into our family. 

We joyfully welcomed our son Miles in 2011 and treasure the adventures we have together as a family.  We both grew up with siblings (Ellen is one of five and Dave is one of three) and hoped to have more children, but are unable to do so on our own. We hope to be able to grow our family through adoption and have the opportunity to parent and share our love and open-hearts with you and your child.

Ellen is warm, thoughtful, and intuitive. She enjoys playing outdoors, reading books and doing yoga. In her professional life, she enjoys working as an anthropologist and is passionate about understanding and protecting the past and other cultures. Ellen grew up in Virginia and comes from a large blended family consisting of siblings, nieces, nephews and step-family.   

Dave is easy-going, gentle and intellectually curious. He enjoys the outdoors, gardening, skiing, and playing guitar. Dave recently made the decision to stay at home full-time.  In his professional life, Dave enjoys working in a field and laboratory setting as an environmental microbiologist.  Dave grew up in Seattle and spent time skiing, hiking and camping.  Dave is close to his Mom and siblings and texts and talks to them often. 

 Work and family life balance are very important to us. We are fortunate for Ellen to be able to work part-time and for Dave to be at home full time.  We strongly believe in providing a loving and nurturing environment for your child and that our job as parents is to teach emotional development, lovingness and respect for each other and others.  We also hope to provide multiple opportunities for self-enrichment and fulfillment so that your child has a strong foundation to become their truest selves.  Our greatest desire for your child is that they are secure in their place in the world, are able to pursue their passions, have fun, and develop the emotional tools they need to have love and compassion for themselves and others. 

Warmest wishes,

Ellen, Dave and Miles


Steven and Anna 

Hi! We are Anna and Steven Day. We have been happily married for 18 years and have three beautiful daughters Gabriella, Sierra and Daphne.  We also own two dogs, Capone an eight year old St. Bernard and Leonidas a two year old Newfoundland. Family is the cornerstone of our lives. Together we come from a huge family with a kaleidoscope of heritages. Between the two of us we have nine siblings and twelve nieces and nephews.

Steven currently works for the Federal Government and attends Law School. Prior to that he served his country on active duty in the Army for 26 years. He loves teaching and playing sports with our daughters, flying his drone, traveling, and cooking together as a family. Anna is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, and the founder of a children’s toy company. She is passionate about being a mom, traveling, cooking, crafting with her daughters, and Veteran Affairs.

We look forward to getting to know you better and growing through adoption. Please feel free to look at our page where you can learn more information about us, our daughters, get an inside look into our everyday life.




Nate and Kelly 

Hi! We are Kelly and Nate, parents of two delightful little boys, ages 5 and 4. Our hope is to add one more little person who needs our family (and two big brothers!) through adoption. Because we have children, we completely respect how enormous the decision to consider adoption for your baby must be.

Family is what we do. Nate is self-employed and Kelly is a stay-at-home mom. Nate enjoys gardening and golf, and Kelly likes to read and run. Most of our time is spent with our kids. Our boys love to be outside, read, play trucks, build, sing, ride bikes, and help mom and dad. We have a large extended family ready to help us welcome a new member.

Thank you for deciding to go through your pregnancy and considering adoption for your baby- both decisions take resolve and the ability to look beyond the moments of uncertainty and apprehension.

Please get to know our family at



Bob and Jessica

Bob and Jessica lead a very active life with their two children, twins, Robbie and Sidney. Having their twins was, to date, the best surprise of their lives. Both children cannot wait to be a big brother and a big sister. Daily, Robbie and Sidney ask when they will get to teach, read, and play with a younger sibling. However, they are most excited to cuddle!

Our family lives on the middle of our family farm. We built our home above the Snake River breaks. We have a large extended family. We built our home to handle many family  gatherings. We wanted our home to be full of love and laughter. We feel we have accomplished this, but we are missing just one small piece: a third baby to bring home!

 Bob is a Physical Education teacher and a High School Assistant Basketball Coach. This is his 20th year as a teacher. During this time he has been a strong role model for many children. His hobbies include taking his kids, nieces and nephews, and cousins hunting. He likes to go camping, fishing, shooting, gardening, playing with his children, and supporting our local basketball team. Most importantly Bob is a GREAT father. He is ALWAYS there for his children no matter what the circumstance may be. His favorite time is in the evening when he can snuggle and read to his children.

 Jessica is a High School Social Studies teacher. She has taught at our local high school for the past ten years. She loves being a mom to her twins. She cannot wait for the day when she has three children to love. Her hobbies include cooking for the many family and friends who come through her front door, camping, quilting, reading, and hiking. Most importantly, she loves to watch and guide her children as they grow.  Family and family time is extremely important to Jessica.

As a family we are WSU Cougar fans. We like to attend both football and basketball games. We are very active in the outdoors. We enjoy gardening, camping, hiking, playing in the river and time with our dogs, and our horse. We spend a lot of time with our family and friends.

If you choose us for your child they will grow up in a loving and supportive home. Family is important to us and we are important to them. Your child can participate in many activities such as library time, T-Ball, Basketball Camps, Church Camp and many more!

Thank you for considering us!